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Visa, MasterCard & Bitcoin

Declined transaction? U.S. banks do not basically allow overseas transactions. Please kindly contact your card issuing bank, allow overseas transactions and try payment once again.

How to pay with Bitcoin

Buy Bitcoin from 21 Bitcoin exchanges

Learn how to pay with Bitcoin using a credit card or bank transfer and enjoy hassle-free online shopping!

Where to Buy Bitcoins?

Coinbase is the largest bitcoin exchange in the U.S. It allows you to create a wallet (a kind of virtual bank account) on your iPhone or Android in addition to your web browser. Coinbase allows individuals in the U.S. to buy Bitcoin directly from the app using their credit/debit card. It’s lightning fast and easy!

  • Proceed to (Coinbase app is available for iOS & Android);
  • Buy your first Bitcoin with your debit/credit card (instant) or with a bank account (lower fee);
  • Send Bitcoin to our wallet by scanning the QR code on the Checkout page. In fact, it’s as simple as sending an email.

What Are the Benefits of Bitcoin for You?

You have complete control over your Bitcoin, so your account isn’t tied to any financial institutions and can’t be frozen, your transactions cannot be declined. Once you have learned the ropes all future transactions become a breeze, and the payments remain safe and anonymous!

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